Do you run a non-profit pet rescue organization?  Need some help?

We understand how difficult running a non-profit pet rescue can be.  It is a never ending job and you will always have animals looking for their new and forever homes.

Here is what we are willing to do.

The Corner Paws and PoopBags has teamed up to lend a helping hand!

We are currently donating care packages to every dog that gets adopted from your rescue!

Each package would include:

PoopBags Dispenser: Canada’s favorite biodegradable poop bag!  Not only do they smell great with naturally scented lavender.  This will certainly be the coolest and most environmentally friendly poop bag and dispenser you would ever own!  And what new dog owner would not need a poopbag dispenser?

Selection of Treats: All dogs needs a snack or as a reward for being the best dog in the world.  Why not reward them with our premium handmade treats!  Like all our products we only use human quality ingredients with no preservatives so your new best friend will only be served the finest!  Our care package will come with an assortment of cookies, and jerky treats to meet your dogs delight!

Coupons and Vouchers: Give your new dog a fresh look at our grooming salon.  The package would include vouchers for free nail trims, discount coupons for grooming and bath services.

Reusable Shopping Bag: Our gift package will be enclosed in a environmentally friendly shopping bag!  You can use this for all your grocery shopping so you can cut down on paper and plastic and do your part for the environment!

Need help with fund raising?  Let us know and we will do our best to help your cause!

We have all heard of school bake sales to raise money for the school.  How about a bake sale for the dogs with money going back to the dogs?

Please note that these offers are not only for dog organizations.  We welcome cat organizations as well.  Donations and prizes offered will be of a different variety.

For more information contact us at info@thecornerpaws.com and ask us about our sponsorship program.

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