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9 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have been a customer of The Corner Paws since they opened because of the quality human grade food they use. I have an overweight Boston Terrier and due to health reasons, a vegetarian Doberman Rottweiler cross. Gordon and Lan have come up with fantastic, creative products just for their specific needs and tastes and always ask how my pets liked them – they take a sincere interest in my dogs. Their products are always fresh, preservative free and well packaged so you know exactly what you are giving your pet and if you have a question, they are more than happy to answer it. Whether you are looking for treats, meals or toys, The Corner Paws is sure to have what you are looking for…and at a resonable price!

  2. After switching my dog’s food to non by-product material, I can feel more confident that my dogs are eating healthy, and I know that they are eating quality meals daily. My dogs are happy to eat EVERY LAST BIT of food in there bowl and still end up licking the remainders of the bowl CLEAN. Best dog food in town by FAR!. Not only do they serve food but the they have the friendliest staff you’ll ever meet. Gordon; very friendly and informative, Lan; excellent service and knows how to groom a pets!.

    My overall experience was more than and expected and proud to be a ever reoccurring happy customer.

    Thanks a lot guys!

  3. We have recently become clients of Gordon and Lan’s and we’re thrilled with the attention and care they have given our family, especially our baby – Peanut “Buster” Parfait.

    We’ve started our new puppy on their beef and chicken, which he devours, and have switched all his treats over to their healthier options. He is growing like a weed and his coat is really beautiful. Buster recently had his first grooming appointment with Tiffany who did a wonderful job with him. We have already referred his cousin “Eddie” for an appointment.

    Everyone at The Corner Paws is a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and are obviously devoted to the well-being of all pets.

    We are so glad we have given Buster a jump start on a healthy and long life by choosing to go “all natural” for his feeding program. We are confident he will be much better off for it.

    The Didham Family

  4. Corner Paws is a wonderful place to find pet food, treats, & dog services.

    Our Dogs are like our babies. Human Grade treats and foods with no preservatives are the right way to go.
    They really know what thay are doing at Corner Paws.They treat pets with respect and dignity.
    We HIGHLY Recommnend taking the time to visit Corner Paws.Out pets LOVE their treats.
    Cheryl & Jeff Klos, Gem, Joe

  5. Just made my first visit to The Corner Paws. It’s a delight – a delicious deli delight for dogs and cats! I bought some beautiful, paw-embossed chicken cakes for the dogs, and they actually took their time and savoured them! I also brought home some dried beef liver snacks and dried sockeye salmon. One of our cats, one of discerning tastes at the best of times, actually stole it, chewed through the wrapping, and ate her fill. She left enough for her brothers and sisters, and they all enjoyed that along with with salmon.

    I’ll be back. The staff at The Corner Paws know their stuff, and are happy to share information. My cats and dogs are happy to enjoy the healthy treats and foods. If you haven’t been there yet, make the trip. Your pets will thank you.

    Thanks to Corner Paws

  6. Thank-you to the friendly people at Corner Paws. You do a great job of making our cat food, and the animals love it. We have been feeding raw for many years, and are pleased to have found a trustworthy supplier for our pet food. We are happy to support a local business, and recommend your business to anyone who wants high quality raw food for their animals.

  7. Hello,
    Well, it took me a long time to finally use my coupon but I will always be a customer of yours now. My dog loved the treats so much and it was the best bone I had ever bought for him. Staff very friendly and very helpful and I felt like I was giving my dog the best quality treats he has ever had! Thanks Corner Paws!

  8. Lan was amazing with my new foster Noelle who has never seen a groomer before. She was calm, gentle and made Noelle calm and gentle. Not to mention the wonderful 1st bath experience. Since Noelle became a permanent resident, Lan is still our groomer of choice and will ALWAYS be. I recommend Corner Paws grooming to all my friends who have pooches.

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