Our Story

When we first found out what was in commercial pet food and treats we were absolutely disgusted! So we started to make our own food and treats for our dog and what a difference it made!

Our dog was always a picky eater. She wouldn’t even be interested in dog treats never mind dog food. We have tried many different brands, types and price points of the food and treats. And still the same result. Now that we know what they are actually made of, oppose to being attracted by the fancy package and colours. We completely understand why!

Just because the dog on the package looks happy, doesn’t necessarily mean the food is good for them.

Like most consumers, we were completely unaware of the harm we were indirectly causing to our beloved dog. We always thought of treats as a “good” and “positive” reward. Not something that would give her allergies and potentially cost her life. Now that we know, we are trying to make a difference!