Paracord Accessories

All our paracord accessories are Handmade right here in Canada using only Mil Spec Type III 550 Paracord.

Paracord is a heavy duty nylon cord that is very popular with the military and survivalist alike.  Each cord has a breaking strength of 550lbs with seven inner strands that can hold up to about 50lbs each.  It’s no wonder people find so many applications for this heavy duty utility cord.

Flexible Leash Lanyards


Enjoy giving your dog the freedom of a flexible leash? But don’t know what to do when you suddenly need two free hands?

For those of us that uses a flexible leash on a daily basis understands the pain and struggle of trying to do everything with one free hand.

Don’t you wish you can just let go of your flexible leash for a couple of minutes while you fumble to open up a poop bag and sleeve it over one hand? Or perhaps some of you have tried the “keeping the leash handle between my legs for just one second” technique only to find your dog being distracted by something and suddenly have the leash pop right out from between your legs! Most of you have experienced that mini heart attack when you no longer have control of your dog by a busy street. It’s quite the nightmare.

We have the perfect solution for you!

Introducing our Flexible leash lanyard. Each lanyard is a universal fit for all brands of flexible leashes. Our lanyards self expanding and retracting properties allows it to fit users of all wrist sizes.

Braiding is provided around the wrist for style, padding and comfort, while adding to the strength of the lanyard.

We offer 80 colours of Paracord to choose from.


Single Colour Lanyard: $24
Dual Colour Reversible Lanyard: $28






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