What We Offer

We offer products with:

-No by-products

-No harmful preservatives

-No added salt or sugar

All of our products are made from human grade food made purchased from local Canadian food suppliers (No mystery ingredients or meats to worry about).  And all of our products are made locally in our kitchen everyday!  No factories or processing plants to worry about.  This is how we would know 100% how our products are made and what goes into each and every item.


What we offer:

-Fresh and frozen for your convenience meals for your cats and dogs
-Freshly baked treats including cookies, biscuits, muffin, and cakes
-Meat, vegetable and fruit jerky’s for your best friend!
-Unique section of clothes, collars, leashes and toys!
-In store dog grooming

Our food has no harmful preservatives!

Preservatives are harmful chemicals added to prolong the life of the food/treats however this does the exact opposite to your pet’s health. Doesn’t it seem odd how sometime s a bag of dog food would have a longer shelf life then your pet?

Because our products offer no preservatives, this means our products will not last nearly as long as our competitors and will spoil much quicker.


Competitive Pricing

We offer products with competitive pricing. Just because it is made with high quality ingredients does not mean it will always cost you more. Our pricing is often competitive to those items you find at a big box store and may even be more affordable especially considering what you get!

We understand that pet owners will always want the best for their furry family members. After all, they are apart of your family.

However financial means does not always allow for such things. We set our pricing according to that philosophy. “Gourmet” doesn’t always have to mean expensive. We offer a selection of treats at different price points to meet everyone’s budget level. Our treats starts at only .99 cents per package.








Our recommendations:

-Buy only what you need or what your pet can consume.
-Keep our products in a sealed or air tight form.
-Keep products that are not going to be consumed right away in the freezer.