Know The Difference

WARNING!!! Do not read if you have a weak stomach!!!

Know the difference:

Why is the typical commercial food and treats bad for my pets?

Have you ever read the list of ingredients on your pet’s food or treats? Have you ever come across “mystery words” that you don’t quite understand? Or words that you would never see on food you and your other family members would consume?

Have you ever wonder why some pet food looks and smells rather unpleasant? Would you ever put something in your mouth that smells like what you give your pets?

When you research deeper you will realize how some competitors will use “by products” or other non-human grade ingredients in their food. These products are also packed with harmful preservatives that can lead to many health issues with your best friend.

By products/non-human grade ingredients include:

-Chicken head, feet, feathers, entrails, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, stomach, bones, blood.
-Complete Dogs and cats (either those who naturally passed or was euthanized ie. Injected with poison)
-Deceased Zoo animals (Natural or Euthanized cause of death)
-Road Kill
-Bones, organ blood, fatty tissue, intestines
-And the famous 4-D’s in cattle (Dead, Diseased, Disabled, and Dying animals)

Did you know that some pet food companies have used 200 tons of dead dogs and cats a month?

Why are by products used?

The answer: Money

Some companies think that if they can sell you garbage, why not? Quality ingredients often cost more money as they are sold to humans for a higher price. The less money it cost a company to produce a product, the more profit/money they can make.

Items that are typically classified as “garbage/waste” will be sold to some major pet food companies as they buy these so called meats to process in a rendering plant.

A large machine is used to slowly grind this so called meats and parts. Then it is cooked a high temperatures to “hopefully” kill all the germs, bacteria, diseases and chemicals (ones used to euthanize animals. Which doesn’t necessary disappear from the high temperature). It’s a little ironic how the poison designed to kill your pet is the same poison being fed to them.

Later this material is cycled at high speeds so the fat will separate to the top layer for removal. This “fat” is not removed for disposal either. This fat is removed so it can be added back to the food later as a source of animal fat to the food. This also makes the end product more “appealing” to your pet to consume.

Have you ever wondered why your typical bag of dog food is packaged in a wax lined bag? That’s because without the wax lining, the oils and fats will seep out of the inside of the bag onto the exterior and make the overall packaging and money spent to the “dress up and packaging” gone to waste.

Try and put a piece of kibble on a piece of paper towel and come back to it a few hours later. If it is a low quality food, then you will notice the paper towel saturated with fat.

Remember, certain things are cheaper for a reason. It’s hard to put a price on a family members health.